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August AG Press Update

August 1, 2022

August AG Press Update

Chicken N’ Pickle responded with a short reply of: Manhattan, and the surrounding area is not big enough for our target area. Sad. That would have been so cool. I do have a friend who has a friend that went to Kansas State and works in upper management at Chicken N’ Pickle. She has reached out to her to see if a personal connection would make any difference. We don’t have to be as big of an establishment as Kansas City or Wichita. Perhaps they would consider a mini operation in our special town.  

Realizing that the detached and attached warehouses are easy to rent out, gave us direction on how to start small with the development of this fantastic building. Keeping those warehouses filled helps with cash flow and we can wait to make any changes to those spaces in the future if we want. We decided that we know that we can turn the front office into Derek’s real estate office and we want to explore if the inner large warehouse could be an event venue (think weddings and concerts/entertainment). Our inspiration is The Bauer, a venue in Kansas City where Derek’s brother, Sean got married. This gave us focus and energy! We set a meeting with our architect to start work on those concepts.

In the meantime, Derek started brainstorming with Eric Kleiner who is heavy in the music scene in Manhattan. Eric booked a band called Pink Fuzz and Headlight Rivals. Derek was stoked to say the least. Eric posted an event on Facebook and Derek got the call from the City of Manhattan. He learned that we can’t have an assembly of people in the building unless some requirements like a sprinkler system and bathroom standards were met. I didn’t know how much having this event there meant to Derek until this phone call. He was legitimately heartbroken.

We met with the architects and asked them to start the process for plans for the front office in the building and working on the “outer envelope” of the building: including things like electric, plumbing, and sprinkler that would make an assembly in the building possible. This work could potentially get started in 1-2 years. Derek and Eric have moved their event to outside and are trying to put together all the logistics. The show is scheduled for August 13th! Rock on!

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