AG Press Project

Grinding Along

October 22, 2022

Things continue to have momentum around the old Ag Press building!

The rock shows we’ve been hosting have given us some real excitement. It feels really good to share the outdoor space with the music community. It has turned out to be a really cool place to listen to music! The band that played October 21 had just finished opening for the Black Keys tour. We are so thankful for our sponsors who make this possible!.

We currently have the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation using space for them to distribute free goods to the community and still have some storage space to lease out if you know anyone needing some space. Derek’s office, Alliance Realty, is hosting a trunk or treat event, pet costume contest and movie showing on Oct. 28.

We are thrilled to be working with Tyler Holloman, owner of Frontier Property Management as our consultant on this whole project. He has worked on Historic Preservation projects including the Community House in Manhattan and others. He has put together a proforma so we can see if our ideas can really sustain themselves as a viable business venture. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS!!! I sit at these conversations exercising my brain to understand the things he and Derek are saying, but in the end I’m learning and am thankful for their realistic attitude about this.

Another incredible gift is that we had an article about us in the K-State Collegian that prompted the Kansas State University College of Health and Human Sciences Interior Design department to contact us. They are using our building and vision for the building as their spring project for their graduating students! We will have about 16 different proposals from students on what the interior design and finishes could be. We are thrilled to see what all they come up with!

We currently have given our basic architecture plan to local construction companies to get some initial bids on the project. We are anxiously awaiting these because they determine if we can and want to move forward with the big vision. We think we might have another lead on a Chicken N’ Pickle connection which would be a grand slam.

Stay tuned for the updates to all these things!

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