AG Press Project

Our First Event

June 28, 2022

Our First Event

So just like every other person in the world, Derek wanted to recreate a Beastie Boys music video for his 40th birthday present to himself. Doesn’t everyone do this? June of 2021, we had a party at our house to “Fight for our Right to Party” after covid and to get video footage for this music video. The video was completed one year later and we needed to figure out a way to “release” it. We had just closed on the Ag Press building and we had a desire to show our friends this building that very few people our age had ever had the chance to go into. I thought it might be interesting to kill two birds with one stone and have an Ag Press open house where we show the video. 

The week of the event, we received the architects' concept designs and renderings. I made flyers to pass out that showed these ideas and people meandered around the space. At the chosen hour, we played the video, Derek thanked those involved and shared a bit about our vision for the building. Drinks and snacks were indulged and our friends' kids brought their roller blades to roll through the building (don’t you think it would be cool to have a skate rink?)!

If you’d like to see the Beastie Boys “Save the World” video, you can watch it here!

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