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Things We Are Throwing Around...

June 21, 2022

Things We Are Throwing Around

A place where each member of a family wants to go, a dog park, good food (food trucks?), a wedding venue, bringing more musicians and entertainers to town, and preserving an old building in Manhattan are all things we are thinking about with this dream. Ideas are fun to think about, but the idea also has to pay the bills. I appreciate this about Derek. I trust him to think through the logistics behind an idea to see if it really makes sense. (Do you think a skate rink would make money? I really want a skate rink!). I’ll let you in on a few of my thoughts about some of these ideas.

Dog Park

Have you heard of Bar K in Kansas City yet? Our friends, Anthony and Ester Carpenter took us to show this new concept--a cool dog park with cold drinks, food and sometimes entertainment. Manhattan totally needs a good dog park! People love those doggies and I hear Manhattan’s dog parks are usually a muddy mess. The problem is that dog parks don’t really pay the bills, but it would bring folks in all year around. Bar K charges guests $10 for your first dog and $5 for additional dogs from your household and they also offer a monthly ($35) and yearly ($225) membership. Anthony and Ester know the owner so he will be a great resource to have.

A brewery

I’ll have to go consult Derek on this one. I’m not convinced that the space needs its own brewery. It seems like they are popping up around town and is that really a need? I’ve never been a drinker so this may have something to do with it! I’m cool with a bar, but why reinvent a beer that there are already a jillion different kinds of? But Derek is the entrepreneur and says that they make money. 

Now who is the company/consultants that can really tell us if these ideas are feasible?

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